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Anhui Zaixin Material Recycling Co., Ltd.

Address: Yaohai District, Hefei, Anhui

Phone: 18255138208

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是一家严格注册的正规物资回收公司,长期在安徽地区提供上门回收服务,回收范围:各种铜,铁,铝,不绣钢等废旧金属、工业边脚料、废旧设备等业务。 Anhui Zaixin Material Recycling Co., Ltd. is a strictly registered regular material recycling company. It has provided on-site recycling services in the Anhui region for a long time. The scope of recycling: various copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other waste metals, industrial scraps, Wasted equipment and other businesses.

Free home inspection and evaluation. To save you valuable time and energy, please call us for consultation.
Service tenet: honesty, high prices, door-to-door delivery can bring their own workers, and strictly confidential for customers.
Business Scope:
(I) Scrap metal recycling
:黄铜、紫铜边角料、铜沫铜刨花等。 Copper scrap : brass, copper scrap, copper foam copper shavings, etc.
:生铝、铝合金边料、模具铝、铝刨花回收等 Scrap aluminum : raw aluminum, aluminum alloy trim, mold aluminum, aluminum shavings, etc.   .

Waste stainless steel: recycling of various scraps
:工业废铁、各种边角料,模具、生铁、废旧机械、冷轧、钢筋头等。 Scrap iron : industrial scrap iron, various scraps, molds, pig iron, scrap machinery, cold rolling, steel bars, etc.  

Waste zinc recycling

304#301#316#202#201# 、不锈钢刨丝等 Waste stainless steel : 304 # , 301 # , 316 # , 202 # , 201 # , stainless steel planer, etc.   .

:电线、电缆、网线。 Cable : wire, cable, network cable.
(Two) metal recycling

镀银、废镍、钨钢、废锡等. Gold plating, silver plating, waste nickel, tungsten steel, waste tin, etc.
(3) Recycling of waste industrial equipment
Air conditioners, elevators, boilers, cables, batteries, electric motors, machine tools, gearboxes, electric hoists, power distribution boxes,      Transformers, old computers, waste air-conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, woodworking machinery, food machinery,   Kitchen equipment, office equipment, chemical equipment, all waste equipment.
建筑废料回收 (IV ) Construction waste recycling    

Construction waste, demolition waste, doors and windows, etc.

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